Morning Links: Oklahoma State Playbook Expansion, Lane Kiffin Rumors, Texas Twitter Strategy


A look around the world of noteworthy Oklahoma State Cowboys news and notes, as well as other relevant stories from the Big 12 and sports world in general.

We’ve reached the home stretch for the weekend, so naturally most of the talk is falling on the Cowboys’ trip tomorrow to Austin. Meanwhile, Texas coaches are finding ways to avoid infractions on Twitter. Speaking of Twitter, people on Twitter are saying funny Twitter things about the Lane Kiffin rumors down in Tuscaloosa. Also, the Texas Rangers swept the A’s last night and are now 3.5 games up on Houston for first place in the AL West.

Just wanted to throw that out there.

Stillwater and Beyond

♦ Jeff from Hook ‘Em Headlines was kind enough to answer my prodding and slightly annoying questions on this dang ‘ol OSU vs. Texas matchup.

♦ Oh, and I answered his.

♦ Here’s the yearly Oklahoman article on how playing Texas is a big deal, lots of OSU players are from Texas so they’re “out to prove” something or whatever, Texas isn’t that good anymore, they have lots of alumni, etc etc etc.

♦ Pistols Firing gives some perspective on just how good the Cowboys’ defensive line is.

♦ Speaking of Pistols Firing, their stellar podcast featured Zac Robinson this week.

♦ John Helsley offers his thoughts on whether or not the playbook will expand tomorrow.

♦ Here’s some info on the Cowboys’ two 2016 basketball commits Travis Ford picked up this week.

♦ Boone Pickens is just hanging out, saying whatever.

Elsewhere and Otherwise

♦ The Texas football coaching staff apparently took some class in how to be really cheesy while giving veiled shout-outs to prospective commits.

♦ The internet is having a great time with these crazy Lane Kiffin rumors, for example:

♦ Cincinnati’s quarterback has had a rough season so far.

♦ TCU better be careful on Saturday.

♦ Always love Will Ferrell. Glad he didn’t get flattened last week.

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