Boone Pickens Gives Humorous Interview to Texas Radio Station, Addresses Joe Wickline and Jerrod Heard


The 87-year-old had some solid one-liners on a variety of topics.

Oklahoma State alumni and


millionaire mega-booster T. Boone Pickens has remained a popular and very public face of the university for years, and is known for his candid interviews and even social media commentary.

Pickens’ outspoken humor and carefree attitude of a man approaching his 90’s while his living life to the fullest was on full display on Thursday, as he was guest on AM 1300 The Zone, a sports station in Austin, Texas, providing plenty of funny answers for the station and listeners.

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Here are a few of the highlights.

On Texas Longhorns quarterback Jerrod Heard, who had a breakout performance against Cal last week, compiling a school-record 527 yards of total offense in the 45-44 loss:

“The Longhorns, the kid they put in, what’s his name? Heard? Oh my gosh, where they had him hidden, I don’t know. I’ve written them a nice note and told them I’d prefer they play the other quarterback. I haven’t heard anything from their coach, but I don’t know him.”

On the never-ending Joe Wickline lawsuit saga:

“It’s actually Joe’s problem with Oklahoma State. I mean, his contract is … if he went to another school and moved up to an offensive coordinator, he didn’t owe us anything. He went over to Texas on a lateral move, well, it cost him $600,000. And Joe doesn’t want to pay it. Texas says somehow they can’t pay it. So, I don’t know. If I was Texas, I would be embarrassed to have that guy sitting there owing us $600,000.”

On Mike Gundy as he prepares to face Texas:

“Gundy and I are in good communication. Talked to him yesterday. He says he’s ready to go. He doesn’t have any injured players and we’re still working with an offensive line that’s got to pick up their heels and give some protection. We’ve got a good passer.”

On college sports in general nowadays:

“It’s big business. No kidding. These crowds and everything. You look at these stadiums … I don’t know, the student athlete, I have to kind of chuckle because I was a student athlete one time. You mentioned it. A big basketball game at Texas A&M at that time was 5,000. So, that’s how many you have in the restroom now.”

On his workout routine:

“I worked out this morning, 6:30, man I was on the treadmill, 10 elevation, four speed. I did 150 squats on the ball.”

You can listen to the interview in it’s entirety here.

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