Oklahoma State Basketball: Every 2016-17 opponent that made the NCAA Tournament

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The Oklahoma State basketball team faced 10 opponents that made the NCAA Tournament this season, but who are those 10 teams?

The Oklahoma State basketball team had a tough schedule this season, mainly due to the depth and overall up and down strength of the Big 12. That means many of the opponents the Cowboys faced this season ended up making the NCAA Tournament.

In this list, the Pokes Post looks at every single team that the Cowboys faced this season that ended up in the field of 68 in the Big Dance. Considering teams like the New Orleans Privateers were eliminated in their play-in game they’re still considered for this list.

Even OK State’s out of conference schedule contributed a large amount of teams to this list. Obviously, we’re not including teams in the NIT, just the NCAA Tournament.

According to the RPI, OK State faced the 15th toughest schedule of any team in college basketball this season. It’s not very hard to find an out of conference schedule that’s challenging as a Power Five conference basketball team.

Six of the 10 teams in the Big 12 conference received a bid for the NCAA Tournament. Similar to the Privateers, the Kansas State Wildcats have a play-in game tonight to determine if they make it to the Round of 64, but they’re still in the original field of 68.

This list does not go in any order of teams best-to-worst, or by seed. This just re-visits the successful regular season that the Cowboys had and how tough of schedule they actually faced.

The Cowboys faced 10 teams altogether throughout the regular season and Big 12 Tournament that made it to the NCAA Tournament. Five of them are in the Big 12, and five of them were non-conference opponents. And the Cowboys totaled a record of 5-12 against those 10 teams in the field.

Now, let’s take a look at every single Oklahoma State Cowboys’ opponent that made it to the Big Dance in 2017.