Halftime Thoughts: Oklahoma State at West Virginia


Oklahoma State 17 West Virginia 2

Another rough start offensively for the Cowboys, including a really dumb interception on a throw from Rudolph that literally looked like the West Virginia player was running the route.

Thankfully, the defense has stepped up every time to make up for the constantly-stalling offense. Fumbles have been the story so far, with hardly anything worth mentioning offensively from either team.

Meanwhile, the Cowboys remained committed to the run much of the half, despite stats like this:

Six games in, and it is increasingly inexplicable. Time to abandon the run ala Kansas State again. Thankfully, it looks Gundy has moved towards that at the end of the half.

Oklahoma State has come awfully close to two fumbles lost themselves on passes, but thankfully each happened before the receiver could get actual possession of the ball. The safety fumble was inches away from disaster.

Big breaks all around, just like every conference game thus far on the season. At this point you have to just expect it each game, right? That safety could’ve been a lot worse. The kick return could’ve been worse. The Cowboys avoided a pick on that field goal drive. Everything could be worse.

But it’s not. Just like nearly every game so far this season. This team is playing with a giant halo around them each week.

A quick look at some stats:

Total Yards – OSU: 174 WVU: 147

Time of possession: OSU: 15:39 WVU: 14:21

Mason Rudolph: 12-20, 125 yards, 0 TD, 1 INT

Skyler Howard: 4-11, 31 yards, 0 TD, 0 INT

Rushing Yards: OSU: 43 WVU: 116

Chris Carson: 10 carries, 15 freaking yards

Wendall Smallwood: 8 carries, 76 yards

The Good

– Defense, defense, defense. The constant all season: bailing out the offense, getting in the backfield, maximizing scoring opportunities, preventing big plays. It really is amazing to watch each and every time.

– 2 fumble recoveries with one touchdown so far for Emmanuel Ogbah. He’s really pouring it on for all the scouts in attendance.

– Chad Whitener continues to step up in the absence of Ryan Simmons, joining the fumble forcing party started by Ogbah.

– It seems as if Rudolph has finally realized that Marcell Ateman is going to get the ball each time it’s in the air.

– Receptions have been hard-fought, but somehow, the Cowboys continue to reel them in when needed.

– That field goal drive was actually the Cowboys’ best so far: 12 plays, 76 yards.

The Bad

– The offense has obviously been dismal at times, and the line is struggling to block in both facets of the attack.

– Obviously the defense is the star so far, but if we’re being picky…they really haven’t been able to put a ton of pressure on Howard since the early part of the game. The Mountaineers running attack has been increasingly effective as well.

– Speaking of pressure, the Mountaineers are bringing it on Rudolph successfully nearly every down.

– Jalen McCleskey continues to be a total gamble every time he returns a punt.

– Aside from the field goal drive, the Cowboys’ longest drive was 28 yards, followed by 27 yards, 22 yards, and 20. That’s stupid.

– 2.2 yards per rush. That’s about on par I’d say.

On to the second half. The Cowboys have been excellent at halftime adjustments all season, but that usually involves the defense. Perhaps Glenn Spencer can give the offense a pep talk.

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