Morning Links: Ryan Simmons Reaction, Recruiting Updates, Mike Leach’s Axe Collection


A look around the world of noteworthy Oklahoma State Cowboys news and notes, as well as other relevant stories from the Big 12 and sports world in general.

So, three days until West Virginia, and the fallout continues from the unfortunate news about Ryan Simmons being lost for the season. Meanwhile, Mike Leach is still awesome, and a certain Auburn player’s final straw before being dismissed from the team involved a bar rampage where he took out four people. Read on.

Stillwater and Beyond

♦ It looks like the stupid Joe Wickline lawsuit saga is finally over.

♦ The Cowboys’ season hasn’t actually started yet, but it sure will in Morgantown.

♦ The Tulsa World has a pretty good recruiting update, covering both player performances and who dropped by Stillwater last week.

♦ In case you didn’t know, West Virginia recently learned that they will be without their top defensive player for the rest of the season.

♦ Speaking of season-ending injuries, here’s some team and social media reactions in response to the news that Ryan Simmons’ OSU career has ended unexpectedly.

♦ John Helsley recently put together a nice feature about Simmons’ replacement Chad Whitener, whom you might remember from this awesome sequence from last Saturday:

♦ Get to know a few things about Seth Jacobs.

Elsewhere and Otherwise

♦ “Mike Leach has a Viking axe he keeps in his bedroom for self defense” — actual headline.

♦ Iowa State has some legit wide receivers, but you probably didn’t know that.

♦ Tennessee has been in a nosedive since losing to OU.

♦ Auburn’s Duke Williams apparently went on a one-man badass spree before being dismissed from the team.

♦ Buffalo Bills coach Rex Ryan is taking a 1950’s approach to solve his team’s ridiculous penalty problems that have plagued them so far this season.

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