Morning Links: Big 12 Refs, Brandon Weeden, All-Time Greatest Running Backs


A look around the world of noteworthy Oklahoma State Cowboys news and notes, as well as other relevant stories from the Big 12 and sports world in general.

The K-State win provided plenty of post-game fodder that is still coming down. Meanwhile, the Big 12 race is heating up, and OU is looking pretty good. Is Texas still their biggest rival though? Also, Alfred Morris of the Washington (redacted) is one of the better guys to play in the NFL. Read on to fine out more about all of these things and more.

Stillwater and Beyond

♦ Here’s the report card from the Kansas State win if you’re into such things.

♦ If you didn’t know by now, the Big 12 officially admitted that the refs kinda screwed up by giving the Cowboys that first down on the touchdown drive that ended the first half. Fan blogs north of Stillwater are pissed, and seem to think the entire game rested on that play. It didn’t.

♦ Jerry Jones is confused about what to think of Brandon Weeden, and apparently missed the Cowboys’ final touchdown drive last night.

♦ Bill Haisten wonders if Oklahoma State can contend for a Big 12 title, even without a running game.

♦ Raymond Taylor had himself a nice game against his former school on Saturday. Yes, former school, not team.

Let’s just watch this one more time while we’re on the subject:

♦ Some prominent OSU boosters treated a random Cowboys fan from Buffalo, NY to the full experience this past weekend. He’d never been to Stillwater.

♦ Mike Gundy was impressed with Mike Yurcich’s play calling against K-State.

Elsewhere and Otherwise

♦ Kody Cook was superb for the Wildcats on Saturday. Give that man a helmet sticker.

♦ Saturday Blitz recently released their list of the 30 greatest college running backs of all time, including some honorable mentions.

♦ Berry Tramel accurately surmises why the Texas Longhorns aren’t really the Sooners’ biggest rival anymore. That would be the boys in Stillwater.

♦ Should there be patience with Charlie Strong in Austin?

♦ This story will make you love Alfred Morris, if you didn’t already. Hands down one of the most real and classiest guys in the NFL, and maybe in all of professional sports.

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