Halftime Thoughts: Kansas State at Oklahoma State


Oklahoma State 20 Kansas State 28

Is it so much to ask for a normal conference game?

Just a few plays in to this one, and the weirdness strikes again.

And now we have a 37th-string walk on wide receiver in at quarterback for K-State, and he’s doing whatever he wants against a defense that has shut every opponent down for the most part this season.

And just when the defense comes up with a huge stop, we get this:

Kinda sums it all up right now.

Thank goodness for that last drive though…and goal posts.

The Cowboys seem to be having their way on offense, and have even had success running the ball, although the stats are skewed by Rudolph’s sacks.

Oh, and just in case you think this performance from Cook is a fluke, I offer you this:

Some quick stats:

Total Yards: OSU: 213 Kansas State 230

Possession Time: OSU: 9:46 Kansas State 18:49

Mason Rudolph: 17-26, 196 yards,  2 TD,  0 INT

Some guy named Kody Cook: 9-11, 127 yards,  2 TD, 0 INT, 14 carries, 58 yards, 1 TD

Rushing Yards: OSU: 13 (42 without sacks)  Kansas State: 103

The Good

– This score could be a lot worse.

– The offense has been moving the ball very well against what’s supposedly a good K-State defense.

– The playbook has finally been expanded a little, and it’s been a rewarding endeavor.

– Wide receiver Jalen McCleskey just might be the best running back on the field.

– Field goal posts.

– The Walsh goal line package remains successful.

– 7-9 on third downs.

The Bad

– Seriously Kody Cook? This is the quarterback that gives this defense problems?

– The Cowboys offensive line might as well not even be there for half the plays. Paul Lewis is struggling.

– Brandon Sheperd refused to believe that fumble was a real thing apparently, because he had zero desire to go after the ball. The exact opposite of playing heads up. He should know better at this point in his career.

– Again, the defense is worrisome. Spencer has no answer for Cook right now, and when he has, stops have either been negated by penalties, or rendered irrelevant by dumb offensive stuff.

– Speaking of stops, the Wildcats are 4-5 on third downs.

– Yet another blocked extra point from Grogan. We’ll see how much that comes into play in the second half.

– Several dumb penalties.

On to the second half we go. The Cowboys have been excellent at halftime adjustments for the most part this season, especially on the defensive end. We’ll see if Spencer can figure out how to stop Cook.

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