Morning Links — Oklahoma State’s Defensive Depth, Nick Starkel Trolls Yet Again


Pokes Post’s Morning Links take a look around the world of noteworthy Oklahoma State Cowboys news and notes, as well as other relevant sports stories. 

The first week of college football is finally out of the way, but the fallout continues.

Stillwater and Beyond

  •  John Helsley breaks down some of things we learned against Central Michigan, including the “return” of the quarterback run game, and how this team is still actually pretty young.
  • Kyle Fredrickson offers some insight into the Cowboys’ defensive depth this season, and what we can expect going forward.
  • It might be a little early to be worrying about such things, but Bill Haisten thinks there might be some issues in the running game, and Ben Grogan’s field goal kicking.
  • 2016 Cowboy quarterback commit Nick Starkel just keeps on trolling the Sooners, even on their home turf:

  • Tyreek Hill (or uh, “Ty,”) just one week into being on the football team at West Alabama, did some trademark Tyreek stuff on this punt return, which really just means he outran everyone:

Elsewhere and Otherwise

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