Saturday Night Study: Markel Brown’s Slam Dunk Landing


When Markel Brown landed in Stillwater, he came into Gallagher-Iba with the moniker of McDonald’s All-American. Some thought he would be a one-and-done. Others hoped he would jump on and make an immediate impact. His first season would not live up to the hype, but since then, Brown has been a slam dunk for the Cowboys.

After three years, many have seen his amazing athleticism and pure talent growing with each game he plays..

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While collecting as many SportsCenter top 10 spots as he has Jordans, Brown was known to Oklahoma State as the model of consistency. If a dunk was needed to liven up the fans, Brown was there. If Forte and Smart were shooting cold, Brown was there. Especially last year, when Marcus Smart was inconsistent at times and was eventually suspended. Brown surely left an impact on Gallagher-Iba that many will tell their grandchildren about.

So when the NBA draft came around, Oklahoma State fans expected Brown to be drafted. But did anyone thing he would land somewhere with the potential to start? According to USA Today, Brown and the other Nets new draftees could, by this season. 

“It’s easy to see how any of their three picks could crack the team’s rotation next year.”-Adi Joseph, USA Today Sports

The current Nets’ roster only has two true shooting guards, Joe Johnson and Marcus Thorton. Joe Johnson is a very good player but will soon be too old to play his position in a league filled with fast, young shooting guards. Marcus Thorton is a decent back up, but nothing special.

The situation sets up very well for the Oklahoma State guard to make an impact immediately on the Eastern Conference team. Brown is a very athletic guard who will be a welcome sight to a team filled with older veterans and an assortment of journeymen. Brown also gives a good target for Deron Williams near the rim and his solid vertical will also give the Nets a great edge on rebounding at the guard position along with the ability for rim protection. Brown couldn’t have landed in a better situation.

The Brooklyn Nets grabbed themselves a steal in the draft, and so did Markel. Had Brown ended up anywhere else, he could have ended up being a lifelong bench player, and he could still very well be. However, with Shaun Livingston possibly on the outs, it could be very soon that we see Mr. Brown doing a few


out there in the Barclays Center.

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