3 worst head coach hires in Oklahoma State football history

FanSided NCAA staff writer Sam Fariss ranks the worst head coaches in the history of Oklahoma State football
Oklahoma State Cowboys running back Ollie Gordon II (0) celebrates with fans.
Oklahoma State Cowboys running back Ollie Gordon II (0) celebrates with fans. / BRYAN TERRY/THE OKLAHOMAN / USA TODAY
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Phil Cutchin. Phil Cutchin – 1963-1968. player. 19-38-2 overall (14-26-1 conf.). 465. . . Phil Cutchin – 1963-1968. . 1

I promise this isn’t just a chronological organization of the Cowboys’ coaches. Cutchin preceded Gass who preceded Smith and they were all terrible choices for Oklahoma State’s leader.

Cutchin was the worst though. While he stuck around for six seasons, unlike Smith and Gass, he only won 19 games (an average of almost 3.2 wins a year).

In his first season with the Cowboys, Cutchin led his team to a shameful 1-8 record, going winless in conference play. His next few seasons saw a handful of wins each but he was never able to break above a 50 percent record.

His best year came in 1966 when he led Oklahoma State to a 4-5-1 record and the team tied for third in the Big Eight conference.

Beyond that almost successful season, Cutchin completely failed to steer his players in the right direction and eventually left Stillwater with 38 losses tied to his name.

With a 32.2 percent winning record, Cutchin is the worst head coach hire that Oklahoma State has ever had. In fact, he never got a head coaching gig again.

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