Ranking Oklahoma State’s Conference rivals in the Big 12

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2. Baylor Bears

Location: Waco, TX

All-Time Football Record: 19-16

There’s something that makes the Baylor Bears so easy to hate now for any fan of any team in the Big 12. Whether it be all the rape scandal, the bright green jerseys, or the recent success coming out of nowhere in basketball and football, BU has raised the stock on its rivalries in the entire conference.

OK State has not defeated BU in football since the 2013 season, as the Bears seem to have the Cowboys’ number every year now. Losing to a program like Baylor with all the scandals makes it even more frustrating.

Maybe with former head football coach Art Briles out and former Temple Owls head coach Matt Rhule in, the program will be more respected nationally.

OK State lands BU at home this season for football and it is the 2017 Homecoming Game. Another loss to BU with so much hype surrounding the Cowboy football program could cause the hatred for Baylor to rise even more.