Ranking Oklahoma State’s Conference rivals in the Big 12

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5. Texas Tech Red Raiders

Location: Lubbock, TX

All-Time Football Record: 20-21-3

Similar to K-State, the Texas Tech Red Raiders share quite a few similarities with OK State. They both are not the biggest athletic program in the respective states as well as being known as a consistently potent football program.

While TTU has not been very good of late in football, they were one of the better programs in college football during the 2000s. They are a long time geographic and conference rival for the Cowboys and OK State fans are never one to be sad about beating TTU.

There’s something about the TTU fan base that tends to rub OK State fans the wrong way. Red Raider fans are notoriously known as one of the most bitter and arrogant fan bases in the conference.

TTU does provide a solid competitor in football, basketball, and baseball. Consistently they’re at least respectable in all three sports. However, the Cowboys had TTU’s number of late in football. OK State won the last eight matchups in football, dating back to the 2009 season.