Ranking Oklahoma State’s Conference rivals in the Big 12

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6. Kansas State Wildcats

Location: Manhattan, KS

All-Time Football Record: 39-24

OK State has more wins in football against the Kansas State Wildcats than any other Power Five conference opponent. The only other football program the Cowboys have more wins against is Tulsa. K-State might also be the most similar Big 12 team to OK State.

Both teams do not get the respect they deserve nationally, and both have tremendous football coaches that do a lot with a little. K-State head coach Bill Snyder is one of the most legendary active football coaches. Him and OK State head coach Mike Gundy have brought these two programs to the forefront of the Big 12.

The Wildcats are a middle of the pack sort of program in basketball. That is also relatively similar to the Cowboys in recent years. K-State always provides good competition in basketball, as the Cowboys and Wildcats split the series this year.

The biggest factor for K-State keeping them from being in the top five on this list is the fact that there is actually a large amount of respect held for K-State and its fans. Cowboy fans understand somewhat the position that K-State is in athletically. And that keeps the rivalry from having too much hatred between the two fan bases.