Oklahoma State Football Recruiting: Takeaways from Gundy’s Press Conference

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NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Oklahoma State
NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Oklahoma State /

3. Mike Gundy is Big Daddy

Coach Gundy was spotted using a coffee mug during the press conference that said “Big Daddy” on the side. This comes just one year after the start of “Gundy’s mullet”. It seems that every year Gundy has another thing to talk about outside of football in press conferences.

Gundy mentioned during the press conference that he trimmed the mullet three inches essentially to look more presentable to recruit’s families. Yet, three-star running back J.D. King’s mom apparently told Gundy that, “the mullet is what gave him his swag”. It seems like the fans and media are not the only people infatuated with his mullet.

ESPN did an entire article talking about Gundy’s unusual coffee mug. You can view that entire article from ESPN here.

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Outside entertainment is never in short supply with Gundy. He always gives fans something extra to talk about between the “I’m a man I’m 40” speech all the way to his “Big Daddy” mug today.