Oklahoma State Football: West Virginia Post-Game Report Card

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Special Teams: B+

Kind of feels strange without Ben Grogan being the star of the game this time around, but it’s a welcome strange.

That doesn’t mean he didn’t do his job though — two field goals, three extra points.

Unfortunately, a botched extra point that had nothing to do with Grogan ended up being a huge factor, more or less resulting in the overtime.

Still, the team overcame it, and avoided any other costly mistakes, although this one was close:

Kickoff coverage was spotty too, as the Cowboys gave up a few 30+ yard returns.

Freshman punter Zach Sinor was fantastic with his punting, as usual. Sinor bailed the offense out every time they stalled, routinely pinning the ball within or near the 20-yard line. Truly a highly underrated and unnoticed aspect of this game. The Mountaineers had a long field every time Sinor punted, which was eight times.

Overall GPA: 3.0

The running game sucks. Rudolph was shaky. The defense got burned on the ground. A costly extra point mistake.

Doesn’t matter. Each unit did more than enough to overcome it’s errors, resulting in yet another stupidly-close win. For all the negatives, there were far more positives to compensate, which is how we arrived to a 3.0 despite another bad offensive showing.

This has been the story in every conference game so far, and aside from Kansas and maybe Iowa State, I don’t really see this changing for the rest of the season, with the exception of a few losses thrown in. But who knows? This team is bound to finally put together a complete performance against a quality team…right?

If they are 6-0 without one, that conference title seems just a little more attainable.

Just a little.

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