Three Big Winners From Oklahoma State’s Fall Camp and Practices

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Jeff Carr – Freshman – Running Back

Being a two-star running back that measures just 5-foot-7 and weighs in at 173 pounds, Jeff Carr was largely expected to be a bystander this season, bulking up in the weight room while learning the ins and outs of the college game — including how to not get flattened. Things didn’t go according to plan though: Carr’s frame is just fine the way it is, mainly because nobody can catch or tackle him.

One week into camp, it had become pretty obvious that Carr would be seeing the field in 2015, with his uncanny ability to hide behind blockers, bursting through at just the right moment while evading would-be tacklers.

Basically, there hasn’t been a drop off from moves like this that he was doing in high school, which earned him the nickname “Juke God,” although he’s received a few more since then:

Did I mention that he averaged 9.6 yards per carry his senior season?

Carr’s camp performance was an unexpected surprise for a team that had plenty of running back needs heading into 2015. Fellow players such as Mason Rudolph have mentioned Carr’s quiet demeanor and willingness to soak up as much as he can. Mike Gundy and running backs coach Marcus Arroyo have raved about Carr’s practices, and have even mentioned putting him in to return kicks, making good use of his 4.4 40-yard dash speed.

Carr’s rise has done a lot to soften the blow of losing Tyreek Hill, and provides an excellent change of pace in the running game from Carson’s bruising style and Rennie Child’s differing skill set.

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