Breaking Down The Cowboys Running Backs For 2015

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Oklahoma State University running back Raymond Taylor (30) runs past Missouri State defender Terrence Neuhauser (95) and avoids defensive end Brad Pryor (94) in fourth-quarter action Saturday at Boone Pickens Stadium. Mandatory credit – Chris Day – Stillwater News Press

4. Raymond Taylor – Junior

Taylor attended high school in Wichita, Kansas, and would later join his home state Kansas State Wildcats. He redshirted as a freshman during the 2012 season in Manhattan, and failed to see any action in 2013, transferring to Stillwater as a walk-on afterwards. Taylor made his debut against Missouri State last season, showing his elusiveness on a 29-yard scamper late in the game. In total, Taylor logged 18 carries for 70 yards, seeing carries against West Virginia and Kansas State in conference action. He, along with Rennie Childs, is the only returning Cowboy running back that saw action last season.

At 5-foot-eight, 195 lbs., Taylor is definitely not going to be running anybody over. Still, his speed and shiftiness fits in well with the Cowboys offense in the mold of past Cowboy backs such as Kendall Hunter and Tyreek Hill.

Taylor still has a lot to prove, but has definitely racked up some experience during his time in the college football world. He may not spend the 2015 season as a go-to back, but there is plenty of reason to believe that he can be on the field for around 10 quality snaps a game.

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