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The OSU men’s tennis team released its schedule yesterday for the 2014-15 season.

This season will be challenging for the Cowboys, especially since 18 of their 24 dual matches will be against teams who ended up in the final team rankings for ITA, the Intercollegiate Tennis Association.

The first competition for the Cowboys will be on Sep. 12 when they compete in the Napa Invitational.

For more on Cowboys tennis and the schedule this year, Oklahoma State Athletics has the information you are looking for.

"Among the five Cowboys taking part in fall action are returning All-Americans Jakob Sude and Arjun Kadhe, who combine to make one of OSU’s most successful doubles squads in school history. The tandem enters the upcoming season coming off a semifinal appearance in the 2014 NCAA Doubles Championships."

This team has progressively gotten better over the last two years, with a 12-14 record in 2012-13 and a 22-8 record in 2013-14. Having All-Americans like Sude and Kadhe will make it that much easier to continue that success.

As we all know, Mike Gundy is never too welcoming to the media asking questions about his quarterbacks. Sure, he will give information but it is usually vague and does not tell the media anything they don’t know. He also doesn’t enjoy giving out his starting quarterbacks until usually on game day, whether it be to intentionally piss the media off or for “strategy”. But everyone accepts this as a part of Gundy’s personality.

J.W. Walsh, for all intents and purposes, should start the game for the Cowboys. He is the only one with any playing time at the position, he is the most dynamic on the field running wise and his leadership abilities have been touted as markedly improved. But like always, we won’t know he’s the actual starter until right before the game.

For more on Gundy’s indecision and the QB dilemma heading into Saturday, John Helsley of the Oklahoman has the story.

"Neither Garman nor Rudolph have taken a college snap. Garman last played in a game in 2009 — his junior year of high school — after an adventurous route of frequent transfers. There’s a trust factor that hasn’t been forged.So all signs point to Walsh as the quarterback. For now."

Even though it hinders the confidence in Walsh, I see why Garman must get some snaps against Florida State. There is absolutely no experience past Walsh in the position and it will need to come from somewhere in the outside chance that Walsh is disastrous or ,knock on wood, he goes down with an injury.

In other non-OSU news…

-The story about Josh Shaw from USC that I connected to the last 100% Orange Juice escalated quickly. Turns out that the safety from USC is now being accused of a burglary. That escalated quickly.

-Johnny Thomas of the Cowboys and Quinn Sharp of the Bengals, both former Cowboys, were cut from their respective teams.

-If you didn’t know how the Ice Bucket challenge went viral and why it’s very important, then you should watch the video below.

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