Season Breakdown: Oklahoma State Football 2014


Wondering how the season is going to go? So am I. 

Here’s my not so serious, totally unreliable (for betting atleast) breakdown of Oklahoma State football’s 2014 season. 

I hope you enjoy this content, because this season might turn out a lot worse. And it’s fun to look back and see how overly optimistic and wrong you were before the season started. But anyways, Here we go!

OSU vs. Florida State

The Cowboys start this season in not just a proverbial frying pan but a flaming hot pan of death used to cook food for the devil himself. OSU is rebuilding, so even with the talent on both sides of the ball, the Cowboys seem out-matched against the Heisman winner Jameis Winston and the defending National Champions. This is gonna suck.

OSU Record: 0-1

OSU vs. Missouri State

Well this game will be just as tough seeing as the SEC has made Missouri…. oh wait, it’s not Missouri? It’s Missouri State? Well, that makes it A LOT  easier. This will be a good game for the Cowboys to bounce back and get some confidence under their belt. Tyreek Hill and Jhajuan Seales should be able to shine against this easy opponent.

OSU Record: 1-1


This game was not even close last year but somehow the Cowboys let them get way too close toward the end of the game. Unfortunately, Larry Coker is a pretty good coach and UTSA does have a bit of talent spread throughout the team. I think the Cowboys could possibly lose this if they aren’t careful but should be able to overpower them simply with talent.

OSU Record: 2-1

OSU vs. Texas Tech

The Raiders should be pretty decent this year with Kliff Kingsbury and sophomore David Webb taking up the reins for the second straight season. This team did start 7-0 last season, regardless if it was an easy schedule, and Kingsbury is a pretty dynamic coach. If this game were in Lubbock, I would give it to the Raiders, but the hometown advantage should put the Cowboys over the hump. It will definitely be a shootout though.

OSU Record: 3-1

OSU vs. Iowa State

This game goes somewhat along the same lines as Texas Tech. This team is led by a great coach, Paul Rhoads, and always seems to put together a scrappy team. However, much like the Tech game, this game is also at home for the Cowboys. OSU should be really rounding into form by this time and I think the freshmen and other inexperienced players will have the playing time needed to put this game away early.

OSU Record: 4-1

OSU at Kansas

Do I really need to explain why this will be a win? Kansas is going to destroy us in basketball anyways, so we can call this one even this year.

OSU Record: 5-1


This game looked like a real tough one coming into the fall camp for OSU. Now, not so much. Yes, this team will be without a major distraction in Devonte Fields, but the man was a game changer nonetheless. What makes this game really interesting is that it is the first time the Cowboys have played down at TCU since the Horned Frogs joined the conference. The TCU defense is always very stout, but I think the loss of Fields will hurt them by this point. Seeing as I think the Cowboys will have really picked it up by this point in the season, I think it will be close but OSU will squeak one out in Fort Worth.

OSU Record: 6-1

OSU vs. West Virginia 

This will be homecoming for the Cowboys and it is always a special part of the season here in Stillwater. That being said, West Virginia is coached by Dana Holgersen and Holgersen is one crazy SOB offensively. With himself promptly placed on the hottest seat in the NCAA, Holgersen will be looking for wins wherever he can get them and trying everything he can. This makes him dangerous. I do think that the Cowboys could disappoint in this game, especially if they have been plagued by injuries at this point(knock on wood). But, the Mountaineers don’t have nearly enough talent and Gundy is a much better head coach. OSU continues on its solid win streak.

OSU Record: 7-1

OSU at Kansas State

This is where the rubber meets the road for the Oklahoma State Cowboys. For the majority of the first part of the season, OSU will have smooth sailing. The last four games for the Cowboys do not bode well. A dangerous and always lethal Kansas State team, coached by one of the best coaches in the NCAA, Bill Snyder, will be home, ready to feast on the inexperienced Cowboy squad. This is where I might lose you, but I think that OSU will be ready. If Tyreek Hill can make the difference I think he can, and JW Walsh breaks out like he is able to, OSU will be a force, even in a tough road environment like Kansas State. The Cowboys pull off a stunner in this one.

OSU Record: 8-1

OSU vs. Texas

This is a football game that I will probably make my most “outlandish” prediction so far compared to what is mainstream. Texas will suck next year. Strong has kicked players off the team, a few have transferred and the QB for Texas, David Ash, is still unproven. Many people will put Texas in the top 25 and the top 3 in the conference because they are Texas by name, but the Longhorns will struggle this year. A steam rolling Cowboys squad that’s young enough to not know they are “supposed to lose” some of the games will grab a 8th straight win, putting them close to the top 15/top 10.

OSU Record: 9-1

OSU at Baylor

As unrealistic as you might think these season predictions are, this is the point in the season where it gets very real for the Cowboys. Much in the way the Raiders lost 5 straight games at the end of last season, so will the Cowboys face an extremely tough two game stretch to end the season, including the two previous games as well. Baylor brings back Heisman finalist Bryce Petty and a whole handful of great players at different positions on the field. This Bears squad will unfortunately break the hearts of the upstart Cowboys, possibly in a night game pitting the two in a possible top 10 match-up.

OSU Record: 9-2


As an OSU fan, I have a built in voice in my head that immediately takes Bedlam as a loss every year it is held in Norman. Not that we think we will lose but that we all have that nagging thought that it won’t go well. OU has the potential to run the table as well as falter, but the Sooners’ have a squad filled with talent on both sides of the ball with plenty of experience coming back. Gundy would need to pull off a big Houdini trick for him to come out of this game with a win, but Big Game Bob will close in on another win in Norman. A storybook season will unfortunately come to an end for the Cowboys, ending the hopes of an outside chance at the Big 12 title and a BCS bid.

OSU Record: 9-3

Although I might have lost you, this is a possible outcome to the season, IMHO. What will actually happen this season is up to the football gods. But oh what a season it will be.

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