Oklahoma State Football- Big 12 Preview: OSU vs. Iowa State, at Kansas

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Jan 2, 2012; Glendale, AZ, USA; Oklahoma State Cowboys fans cheer on their team in the second quarter of a game against the Stanford Cardinal in the 2012 Fiesta Bowl at University of Phoenix Stadium. The Cowboys won 41-38 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Chris Morrison-USA TODAY Sports

Oklahoma State at Kansas

Date: Saturday October 11th

Time: TBD


The Preview

As a fan and a journalist, I usually like to stay away from assuring something is a sure thing. It’s never good to assume you have a game won before its played, especially in this era of upsets by lower-division teams. But this is Kansas. I’m sure we can make an exception.

For a school that has so much going for it in basketball and being a Big 12 team, you would assume that the Kansas football program would at least be respectable. You would be wrong.

It will a momentous feat for the Jayhawks to break .500 this season in conference play. Even with the Big 12 being questionable all around except for maybe Baylor, Kansas just does not have the talent to keep them in games long enough to have a chance. Pair this with the obvious talent of Oklahoma State, and even with OSU’s inexperience, the Jayhawks will not be able to overcome the Cowboys.

Is there a chance that this game might get close? Yes. With the Cowboy’s inexperience, closing out games will be one of the lessons learned very fast. If the team doesn’t catch on, then this game might get a bit closer than it needs to be.

Will Kansas win? No. (Unless Charlie Weis goes Super-Sayan and destroys the field, resulting in Oklahoma State forfeiting the game out of fear.)

The Prediction

Winner: Oklahoma State 49 Iowa State 17

Things to watch for: What will Gundy be wearing this game? Will he go with the windbreaker tucked in? Will he gel his hair? Visor or no visor?

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