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Last night, two Oklahoma State basketball players were drafted in last night’s NBA draft. Here is some recaps from around the nation.

Baxter Holmes of the Boston Globe broke down what drafting Marcus Smart means for the Celtics and especially Rajon Rondo.

On speaking of his working out with the Celtics:

"“He’s come in here twice in the last three weeks,” said Celtics coach Brad Stevens, “and we’ve absolutely fallen in love with his leadership and his work ethic and his spirit and how he goes about things.”"

All Oklahoma State fans knew this from the first game he played. Good to know someone else is realizing it.

When the Celtics drafted Smart, they also might have put Rajon Rondo on notice. If you asked Smart, you probably wouldn’t know that.

"Smart called it a “great opportunity” to play alongside Rondo.“Rondo is a wonderful point guard, a wonderful player. He reminds me a little bit of me,” Smart said. “He plays defense. He’s long, his wingspan, and he has big hands.”"

Even his aggressive style of play is preferable to the Celtics.

"“We like the fact that he’s an instigator, back to Red [Auerbach],” Grousbeck said, referencing the Celtics patriarch. “As Red told me personally when I came in, ‘You need instigators, not retaliators.’ This kid is energetic. He’s a bull. He’s a force. When I met him, he filled the doorway. He’s got that physique and that drive and that attitude that we really like around the Celtics.”"

Along with Marcus Smart, Markel Brown was also drafted last night at 44th pick. But Brown did not stay with the team that drafted him. The Nets would send $1 million dollars in cash to trade Minnesota for Markel Brown.

Charles Curtis of NJ.com collected a few bits from around Chad Ford of ESPN about Markel Brown.

"ESPN’s Chad Ford had Brown going to the San Antonio Spurs at pick No. 58 in his final mock draft (hey, if the Spurs would have potentially liked getting him, it could mean a smart selection for the Nets) in which he wrote, “Brown is a terrific athlete whose jump shot started to emerge this season. He’s an interesting prospect with toughness and grit, and would be a good fit in San Antonio.”"

In other non- OSU news…

– Isiah Austin, player for the Baylor Bears, was told about a week before the draft that he had Marfan Syndrome and would not be able to play competitive basketball(or any basketball for that matter) for the rest of his life. Last night, the NBA, in a classy and awesome move by Adam Silver, drafted Isiah Austin ceremoniously so that he could fulfill his dreams of being drafted. And no, that’s just dust in my eyes. Lots and lots of dust.

-Transformers comes out today. Go see it if you just like ultimate destruction and lots of CGI. Don’t see it if you value story lines and character development.

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