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The NBA draft is this Thursday. With Marcus Smart being projected to at least go in the lottery, everyone is analyzing the pros and cons of having Smart on their team. As is to be expected, Some teams believe that Smart might not be the best fit right now.

"Smart isn’t a natural point – he’s only played the position for the last two seasons in college – so it’s understandable why some are quick to suggest he shift to the two-guard, but he’s undersized for that position and he isn’t a very good shooter. The 20-year-old shot just 42.2 percent from the field and 29.9 percent from long-distance last year."

However, this doesn’t mean the Celtics won’t draft him.

"Smart is obviously not a perfect player and he certainly won’t be the best athlete on the board at No. 6 on Draft Night. But, for all of the concerns over his shot selection, perimeter shooting, and quick first step, the guard is a workhorse."

Who knows if the Celtics will feel comfortable enough with pick him No. 6? Smart could come the board even sooner.

Oklahoma’s best wrestlers will be at Oklahoma City University this for the Junior National Duals. This includes some of the OSU cowboys wrestling recruits for next year.

"Of the nine seniors, six have signed with Oklahoma or Oklahoma State. Stillwater’s Chandler Rogers (170 pounds), Collinsville’s Gary Wayne Harding (132 pounds), and Berryhill’s Jonce Blaylock (145 pounds) will join the Cowboys’ program."

The competition will be a bit different than what most Oklahoman’s are used to. The duals will also include Greco-Roman wrestling, which is much more technical and uses many more restrictions.

"“In the past we’ve taken multiple teams in freestyle and sometimes in Greco,” Cook said. “This year we decided to change things up a little bit with bringing just one team to compete in both styles. We think we can perform a lot better than we have in Greco, which we’ve really never emphasized a whole lot from a team perspective.”"

Greco-Roman wrestling matches will be held today and Thursday, with freestyle (most common in Oklahoma) will be held in on Friday and Saturday.

In other non-OSU related news…

– If you didn’t think Kim Jong Un, Dictator of North Korea, wasn’t crazy enough already…

– Here’s the last time we played Germany. Sad to say we might not have another 100% Orange Juice if USA wins tomorrow.

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