100% Orange Juice: Best Case for OSU Football, The Next Danny Green?


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We all remember those college days and for some of us, we still have some precious few years left! So, take a look and remember the good old days! (Some of these are partially NSFW).

Welcome back! Now that you have embraced the nostalgia or completely ignored it to forget those beer-soaked years, here is your Oklahoma State sports news for the day!

All off-season, any and all sports writers will be pulled into previewing the football season several times over and in many different ways. We here at Pokes Post are no different. But its awesome (and some times depressing) to hear what sports networks and journalists think will happen to your team. ESPN is running a series of best case scenarios for the BIG 12 football teams, and here is what they had to say about Oklahoma State and how it would turn out.

"Led by a 300-yard passing day by quarterback J.W. Walsh, Oklahoma State shocks the nation with a double-digit win over Florida State to kick off the season. Postgame pictures of former OSU standout and current Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant celebrating the win with current OSU players immediately becomes the lasting image of college football’s opening weekend."

I think I thoroughly enjoyed this part the best. Gives you the good chills…

"Two losses in its last three games sets up a huge Bedlam tilt with Oklahoma, which is undefeated and appears to be a shoo-in for the College Football Playoff and Big 12 title. Revenge is sweet for OSU as they leave Norman with a double-digit win and knock the Sooners out of playoff and Big 12 title contention."

And that revenge would be so, so, so SWEET!

Markel Brown left Oklahoma State as one of the most eye-catching players in the last decade, even with a potential lottery pick playing right beside him. His clutch threes and complete disregard for life when heading towards the basket left us with a bitter-sweet moment when it was time to let him graduate and head to the NBA draft.

Now, after a good showing to NBA teams at the combine, Brown has set himself up for a good result on draft day. Possibly even become a 1st round pick. Some even say he could fill the same role as Danny Green does at San Antonio, who was great in the NBA Finals.

"His year-to-year improvement has been well-documented in these parts, and yet, it’s still darn impressive that he bumped up his averages each and every season at OSU. Points. Assists. Shooting percentage. Three-point percentage. Assist-to-turnover ratio. The only major statistical category that didn’t see a rise each and every season was rebounding, but even that more than doubled from his freshman season to his senior season."

This was even with Marcus Smart being the main draw at Oklahoma State. (Read:!?!?!?!)

"That kind of athleticism could help him compensate for shortcomings. Brown, for example, is 6-foot-3 and a bit undersized to play shooting guard in the NBA. But having impact on the defensive end is not about having height. Just ask Tony Allen."

And honestly, I could see Markel Brown becoming either a Tony Allen or Danny Green type player in the NBA. It will be fun to watch Brown prosper.

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