Oklahoma State: Position Preview – Quarterback

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Northwestern QB Mason Rudolph was nearly flawless in the first half, completing his first 16 passes and steering the Trojans to a big win over Gaffney. ANDY BURRISS — aburriss@heraldonline.com

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Mason Rudolph – Dark Horse Starter; Possible Backup

Gundy’s recent history with starting true freshmen in the opening game (a.k.a Wes Lunt) is slightly less than pristine. Lunt had the physical abilities and body type to make a good quarterback, but was rattled with a lack of experience and too much pressure.

Mason Rudolph comes to Oklahoma State much like Wes Lunt, enrolling in school in the spring to be a part of spring workouts/practices. The true freshman also comes off a high school career that has OSU fans drooling and chomping at the bit.

Rudolph was a monster in all senses of the word during his high school career. Overall, Rudolph accrued almost 11,000 passing yards, 132 passing Tds and only 29 interceptions. He would also run for 1,100 yards and 32 rushing Tds. In his senior alone, Rudolph would pass for more than 4,300 yards and 64 Tds, run for 543 yards and 16 Tds and to put the icing on the cake, averaged 41.5 yards per punt.

What makes Rudolph most exciting for OSU fans is his physicality. Rudolph weighs in at around 215 and is 6 foot 4 inches tall. He also benches 225 a total of 18 times, which is quite ridiculous for a QB. When he is on the field, he can simply run over or overpower cornerbacks and linebackers and can hold his own against linemen. He has the arm strength that Walsh lacks and has more power running ability vs. Walsh’s agility.

He has no experience in a college atmosphere, however, and unless he is needed, it might be best for Gundy to redshirt the freshman and let him get stronger and more experienced this next season. The possibility is there for a true freshman to start the opener, but it would thoroughly surprise me.

Some of Rudolph’s best plays during his senior season. Best play starts at 2:22 of the video