100% Orange Juice: Catching up with Shaun Lewis, Cowboys offer Austin Pope


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Shaun Lewis, one of the best linebackers to play under Mike Gundy, recently signed a three-year rookie minimum contract with Green Bay. This week, Lewis sat down with NewsOK to answer some questions about what’s happened so far and his future.

"The biggest surprise to me was just how down to earth the players are here. You have to commend the Packers for creating an environment where the players become almost like brothers here and they bring in new players with open arms. They really take them under their wings and help them adapt to the game."

Wow, so NFL players are actually supportive?!?! who knew? (Read: EXTREME SARCASM)

Austin Pope,  a point guard from North Idaho College, has received an offer from the Cowboys to join the 2015 commitment class. Pope makes the 6th point guard offered by Travis ford and Oklahoma State. So… we definitely know what Travis Ford wants.

"I think Pope would be a solid sixth man off the bench in his first year, and become a formidable starter at point in his second and final year of eligibility. It is obvious that Travis Ford is trying to strengthen this position over all other positions on the squad, and depending on the players that are brought in, that can either be a great strength, or a grave weakness."

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In Non-OSU related news….

– USA men’s soccer plays Portugal tonight. I BELIEVE WE WILL WIN!

– Uhhhh so this new Transformers. Dinobots? Yes. Optimus Prime riding Dinobot? HELL YES. NOW SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY.

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