Oklahoma State Football: OSU’s Real Chance of BCS Championship


Sep 14, 2013; Stillwater, OK, USA; Oklahoma State Cowboys defensive end Sam Wren (89) celebrates with fans after the game against the Lamar Cardinals at Boone Pickens Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Richard Rowe-USA TODAY Sports

The BCS system is very tricky… this is why starting next season, a playoff system will finally be implemented, but that’s next season, not this season. This season, the system remains the gigantic cluster of indecisiveness it has been for a very long time.

How real are Oklahoma State’s chances of obtaining a BCS National Championship bid this season? If you look at Alabama’s, Oregon’s and Ohio State’s schedules, it doesn’t look too promising for the Pokes. The Cowboys control their own destiny, seeing that the road to the Big 12 Championship basically runs right through Stillwater, however, a perfect season still may not be enough if the teams listed previously all go undefeated as well.

Here’s why…

Let’s say Alabama, Oregon, Ohio State and Oklahoma State all go undefeated this season. Alabama vs Oregon is the more likely National Championship match-up we will see. Alabama is the defending National Champion for the second straight year, and Oregon puts so many points on the scoreboard it is difficult to make an argument as to why they should not go. This would leave Ohio State and Oklahoma State out in the cold to face each other in the Fiesta Bowl assuming they finish #3 and #4.

Why the Fiesta Bowl?

The contracts are set up this season as follows: Orange Bowl – Atlantic Coast Conference. Rose Bowl – Big Ten vs Pac-12. Fiesta Bowl – Big 12. Sugar Bowl – Southeastern Conference.

Both OSU’s could not face one another in the Rose Bowl because the Pac-12 has already signed their way into it, leaving the Fiesta Bowl. Seeing as Oklahoma State is the Big 12 leader, this would be the ultimate decision. This is all a big prediction, but it seems very plausible. The only way Oklahoma State could manage to edge their way into the big game under these conditions is to acquire a higher BCS score than Oregon and Ohio State, which is an even more monumental task than going undefeated.