Oklahoma State Football: Part 2 of the Scandal


Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Part Two of the Sports Illustrated report alleging improprieties at Oklahoma State University has been released to the public. This portion of the report focuses on academic improprieties and points the finger at Les Miles, accusing him of encouraging football over academics when he took over in 2001.

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The report states that 13 players from years 2001-2011 participated in “some form of academic misconduct”, and that 16 other players had work completed by tutors or others.

Former safety Chris Massey from 1999-2002, former defensive back Thomas Wright from 2002-2004, former defensive tackle Larry Brown from 2005-2006, former wide receiver Artrell Woods from 2006-2008, and former running back Herschel Sims from 2011 all told Sports Illustrated that they participated in academic misconduct during their time at OSU.

These players also stated that they witnessed former defensive tackle Kevin Williams from 1998-2002, former quarterback Josh Fields from 2001-2003, and former running back Tatum Bell from 2000-2003 participate in academic misconduct as well.

The report also specifically accuses former wide receiver Dez Bryant of having tutors do most of his school work for him. Bryant denied these allegations.

Doug Bond, former OSU offensive lineman from 2002-2004, told Sports Illustrated, “You heard his words but you saw what he was doing”, referring to Les Miles. “So the thought process was that you’re going to school just so you can play football”, Bond said.

Bond also stated that when Miles was talking to the team, he would tell them “Academics first”, while holding up two fingers, then say “Football second”, while holding up one finger.

Players also stated that they would hardly attend, or never attend class, yet professors would grant them passing grades. Six unnamed sources also stated that teammates seemed to be “functionally illiterate” even after attending the university for multiple years.

Numerous former players, even some players quoted in the report as sources, have denied all of the allegations.

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