Oklahoma State Football: New Blood Rising


Jan 1, 2013; Dallas, TX, USA; Oklahoma State Cowboys head coach Mike Gundy celebrates a victory with the trophy against the Purdue Boilermakers at the Cotton Bowl. The Cowboys beat the Boilermakers 58-14. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Throughout history, the cycle has repeated itself. Empires are overthrown and new rulers take control. The same could be said for what is happening in Oklahoma as Mike Gundy has breathed new life into Oklahoma State’s program, while in Norman… one may argue that “Olympus” has fallen.

In 2012 we witnessed Oklahoma State reach a milestone by appearing in and winning the Fiesta Bowl for the first time in the school’s history. While their next season would prove to be a rebuilding year after losing top stars Brandon Weeden and Justin Blackmon, the season had its positives. Each quarterback would have a chance to step up as injuries would linger around like a black cloud hovering over the position. However, Clint Chelf, J.W. Walsh and Wes Lunt all performed impressively, earning a vote of confidence from their teammates and Coach Gundy.

Don’t get me wrong, Oklahoma State’s last season was definitely lackluster compared to the previous as they ended at 8-5, but overall not a big disappointment considering the massive changes in the roster. It is safe to say Oklahoma State fans are very comfortable with the way things are taking shape, while some OU fans have to be wishing someone would pull Bob Stoops to the side and “teach him how to Gundy”. Yes, OU were the victors in last season’s overtime Bedlam game in Norman over a rebuilding Oklahoma State, however, as a team that was projected to win the National Title, their season was overall another disappointment contributing to their decline over the past decade. In short, OU’s Glory Days are far behind them and Oklahoma State’s have just begun.

The storyline within the Oklahoma State vs. OU rivalry is becoming a New Blood vs. The Millionaire’s Club type of ordeal. OU has been the team everyone puts their money on. They are placed on a pedestal and catered to by sports analysts and polls alike. Oklahoma State on the other hand is tired of the lack of respect being shown by the polls, tired of being looked at as “the little brother”, tired of not being taken as serious as they should be by the powers that be, and fed-up with being placed on the mid-card while the same teams repeatedly go to the main event. They have developed a chip on their shoulder, and as a result of this it will make for good television as their high-powered offense puts on a show in an effort to further prove themselves as one of the new elites. As far as defense, Glenn Spencer will be replacing the great defensive coordinator Bill Young, which should ultimately work in their favor seeing how their defense let them down last year.

The college football world has a new threat to worry about. The Oklahoma State Cowboys are coming to paint every arena orange and they are bringing hell with them. The time has come for a shift in power, and the Pokes are the new blood rising.